Develop an AI advantage in your clinic or hospital (before everyone else does)

No hype. No doom. No boring presentation. Just the inspiration, support & strategy you need to make AI work for you and your clinic or hospital.

Hi! Dr Arti here!
Yes, there’s a lot of noise out there about AI, which is usually:

  1. lists of new AI tools (50% of which don’t do what they promise)

  2. guides for building an AI chatbot

  3. scary articles about how robots will take over the world.

Most of us in clinics and hospitals need something else – grounded experts to show us how AI can help optimize or accelerate our patient acquisition, journey and team and how to get good at using AI and make progress before our competition does. 

So, if this describes you and you want an AI advantage – you won’t want to miss this.

AI is moving fast, and other clinics and hospitals are getting ahead.

You should, too.


AI for Clinics & Hospitals: A 2-Day Interactive Workshop

The first and only AI workshop dedicated to clinics & hospitals.

Make a plan to optimise, accelerate and transform your non-medical processes through new AI Developments with my expert team.

Workshop Details

  • Date: 15-16th February 2024

  • Location: Vienna, Austria

  • Fee: €1,999 per team

  • Capacity: Only 35 28 spaces for clinic/hospital teams remaining

  • Language: English (other language translation available through app & headphones; materials can also be provided in your local language if necessary)


Get an AI Strategy for your clinic or hospital in place right now:

Spend 2 days with us, and we’ll help you assess AI’s potential for your clinic/hospital, develop a strategy to put it in place and be able to present it to your clinic owners, leadership, or stakeholders to optimise, accelerate & transform your non-medical processes through AI.

Program Highlights

Led by: Dr. Arti a.i., Daniel Shaw & Alex Zakucia

Four interactive workshop sessions and two rapid-fire update sessions on the latest developments in AI, each 2-3 hours long with a coffee & lunch break for discussion in between.

Framework: Exclusive access to our 3-part AI framework designed by MIT’s Business Strategy Program.

Real-World Application: Analysis of actual use case examples in clinics & hospitals worldwide

Engagement: Live discussions and personalised 1:1 coaching sessions

Network: Discuss and meet other clinics and hospitals from around the world who are implementing an AI strategy.

Certificate: A certificate of attendance to share your achievement with your peers.

An actionable AI plan: tailored for immediate implementation in your clinic or hospital.

What You Will Gain

  1. Strategic Insights: Recommendations for AI investment in your clinic.

  2. Actionable Plan: A detailed project outline for securing stakeholder buy-in.

  3. Practical Experience: Hands-on learning with proven AI tools.

Set Your AI Strategy

Evaluate your patient journey and pinpoint where AI can optimise existing processes or transform your clinic or hospital. Whatever your situation, you’ll return home with an AI strategy you can prototype immediately.

Who should attend?

  • Treatment Coordinators who need to build or accelerate their AI strategy 

  • Private practice owners who want to establish AI as a competitive advantage

  • Clinic leadership looking to embed AI in their team’s workflows

  • Hospital management who want to integrate AI into their business strategy and their teams’ work

  • Those responsible for:

    • Developing new business strategies

    • New patient acquisition channels

    • Integrating AI into healthcare business strategies

    • who need to understand the AI landscape and its impact on their patient journey

    • Embedding AI into team workflows or patient journeys

    • Building or enhancing their own AI capabilities & knowledge

Questions or Enquiries

Please direct any questions to [email protected] or WhatsApp:
+971 58 593 8800

Develop your AI edge — before everyone else does.


or to participate.