✨ Are Clinics & Hospitals like yours hiring AI talent?

and what do their patients think about it?

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🤔 How do the top clinics/hospitals think about training / hiring someone for AI now:

Deloitte: Organisations expecting to hire new team members due to new AI

In a recent Deloitte survey with 2,835 business and technology leaders involved in piloting or implementing generative AI in their organizations, over 70% said they expect to change/train their team members in the next 2 years because of AI.

This statistic shocked me to see how fast we expect to adopt new AI to replace processes such as call centres, reception, patient management, etc.

So, my question for you to think about today is:

❓️ When do you expect to change who works with your clinic/hospital because of AI?

This leads me to the other side of the coin: 🪙 

❓️ What do our patients think about AI:

Source: google research

A new report from PYMNTS Intelligence shows growing consumer interest in AI across several sectors, with most consumers showing some or slight interest in having AI for various parts of their lives, with 41% looking forward to improvements in healthcare due to AI.

🕸️ Still reaching new patients through SEO?

Be aware - AI search is slowly replacing SEO.
But do you still want to make sure patients find your clinic/hospital through their AI questions?

Source: Figure

Are you curious which sites you must be on to appear in ChatGPT? This post by David Wilson shows that the recently filed NYT vs OpenAI lawsuit has provided a list of those sites. The LLM (large language models) are trained on multiple datasets, with the most important (most highly weighted) called Common Crawl. These are the media outlets that your PR team should be working on getting you coverage in. 

Also, don’t forget to test LLMs yourself to see if your clinic or hospital comes up in their recommendations. Ask for the sources of the recommendations that your LLM comes up with so that you can make sure you’re on those sites, too.

Instant AI News Of The Week For Clinics:

Clinics Hiring AI:

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AI Tools To Use:

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