Using AI to Transform Patient Recommendations into Your Best Marketing Tool

Amplifying Word-of-Mouth through AI solutions

Hi , my forward-thinking friend!

Dr. Arti Intel a.i. your favourite digital doctor is here again, writing the latest AI prescription for your new patient acquisition strategies!

Let's get real: There’s no marketing more powerful than a patient's recommendation. And yes, you can use AI for that, too! Here's the secret AI prescription for turning patients into passionate promoters.

How you’re probably doing it:

  • Passive waiting for word-of-mouth to happen

  • One-size-fits-all referral programs

Today's possibility:

  • Proactive nudge systems that use AI to encourage recommendations

  • Tailored recommendation incentives that feel more like "thank you" than "please do"

Sample Use Case

AI tool: Recommendation Engine

Imagine this: A busy clinic looking to boost its patient recommendations to get a new flow of preferred patients and decrease their reliance on their usual paid marketing campaigns.

What They Did: 

Integrated an AI Recommendation engine into their patient relationship management system that did these core functions:

  • Smart Nudge System: AI subtly prompted satisfied patients to spread the word at just the right moment.

  • Emotional Intelligence Analysis: AI gauged patient satisfaction and identifies those most likely to recommend the clinic to others

  • Reward Automation: AI managed a personalized reward system, making every patient who recommended someone feel appreciated and every recommended person feel special.


  • Recommendation Rates Skyrocketed: With AI's help, patients were not just satisfied; they were sharing.

  • Tailored Rewards Hit the Sweet Spot: Personalized perks meant more meaningful thank yous on social media.

  • Increase in new patient flow: Recommended patient leads will likely proceed with similar treatment.

p.s. you can also use this use case for rewarding your team too :-)

Suggested Tools

I don’t know of any a.i. tools for this use case, you’d have one custom-made, but here are some good examples for team recommendations & custom rewards:

  • engagedly .com

  • getbravo .io

Prompt of the day

The "Word-of-Mouth Wonder" Prompt

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"Design a campaign for «clinic / hospital name & location» that uses AI to turn patients into power promoters. Include [intelligent referral prompts], [customizable rewards programs], and [real-time satisfaction analysis] for that personal touch."

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To increase recommendations, reputation, and more for your medical facility.

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