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Get instant insights from patient records, treatment plans, costs, and outcomes.

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We know that complex and often messy amounts of clinic or hospital data are a treasure box of information that can provide valuable insights to improve your patient journey, revenue, and results.

But most of us don’t look at that data.

How you’re probably doing it:

  • You’re ignoring the data, because it’s a mess and all over the place.

  • You have to hire someone to simplify and present the takeaways from the data to you.

Today's possibility:

  • One-click transformation of your data to insights.

  • Get expert-level analysis in seconds.

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Sample Use Case

AI Tool: Healthcare Data Analysis AI


A hospital sought to leverage its vast but underutilized healthcare data, including patient records, treatment plans, costs, and outcomes, to enhance care delivery and patient outcomes.


The hospital implemented an AI solution capable of analyzing complex healthcare data. This system could understand multiple data formats, such as CSV, Excel, and Google Sheets.


- Patient Distribution Analysis: The AI analyzed the number of patients by department, providing a clear view of patient flow and departmental workload.

Prompt: “Plot the number of patients by department."

- Department-Specific Analysis: It offered detailed insights, like the breakdown of age groups within specific departments, such as Surgery.

Prompt: “Inside the surgery department, what is the breakdown by age group?”

- Hospital Stay Duration Analysis: The AI evaluated the length of hospital stays, particularly focusing on specific groups like patients under 50 undergoing surgery.

Prompt: “For patients under 50 who get surgery, what is the breakdown of how long they stay in the hospital?”

- Departmental Time Analysis: It calculated the average time spent in the hospital for different departments, such as gynaecology.


The AI tool transformed the way the hospital utilized its data. By providing detailed, easily accessible insights, it enabled better patient care planning and operational efficiency. This led to improved patient outcomes and more streamlined healthcare delivery.

Suggested Tools

  • Julius .ai

  • humata .ai


 How to generate visualizations with ChatGPT

  • Log into ChatGPT and enable Advanced Data Analysis mode at the top of the screen. This isn't necessary if you’re using the latest version of ChatGPT.

  • Upload the Excel or CSV file of your choice.

  • Enter the following prompt: "Run a basic analysis on the file I've uploaded"

  • Once you've entered the prompt, ChatGPT will generate a list of insights and charts from your uploaded file. It's that easy.

  • If you want a specific chart, you can ask ChatGPT to generate one by entering another prompt.

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