Using AI to improve new patient sign ups through your website

Get instant, Ai driven insights on your website content


Dr. Arti Intel a.i. here again, with the latest AI prescription for your new patient acquisition strategies!

Today, I’m helping you using Generative AI to instantly optimise clinic & hospital websites and help them reach more of their preferred patients - at no extra cost.

 The Old Struggle:

Hiring a costly web designer, UX or a/b tester to improve the website.

Just guessing about what colours, images, or text might work

 The New Strategy:

Instant, AI-driven insights on your website content

Recommended colours, images and sentences to use.

sample suggestions on a clinics website…

Sample Use Case

Optimizing a Clinic's Website with AI

The Challenge: A local clinic's website was not attracting as many patients as in previous years.

The Solution: They tried an AI solution to analyze and optimize their website.

The Process:

Analysis: AI reviewed the clinic's website design, colours, and content.

Recommendations: The AI provided specific advice on improving the colour palette, updating images, and refining the website copy to engage potential patients better.

Adaptation: The AI learned from user interactions over time, continually refining its suggestions for ongoing improvement.

The Outcome:

Engagement: The improved website saw increased time spent on the clinic website by potential patients.

Inquiries: There was a noticeable rise in clicks on the 'Book an Appointment' button.

Conversions: The website successfully converted more visitors into actual patients.

In short, AI transformed a low-performing clinic website into a more robust patient engagement tool.

sample suggestions on a clinic website

Suggested Tools

This can be done in depth by uploading screenshots of your website to your chosen LLM (for example, chatgpt4) and asking it for specific prompts for improvement, or here is a free simple tool to use:

Prompt of the day

 The "Word-of-Mouth Wonder" Prompt

copy & paste ⬇️

""Create an AI-driven plan to optimize the website of [clinic name & url],. Focus on [colour psychology], [image impact analysis], and [engaging copy formulation] for a website that doesn’t just look good, it reaches [preferred patient type], for [your preferred medical treatments], offer recommendations and improvments"

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