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Dr. Arti Intel a.i. Here again with the latest updates in AI to help you keep ahead for your private practice, clinic or hospital!

The future of how you wow patients is here right now:

☕☕☕Someone made a 30-second Adidas commercial using AI during their COFFEE BREAK!

It isn’t a great advertisement, but imagine what you’ll be able to create for your practice, clinic or hospital on your coffee break?

Alibababa’s new AI tool turns images into realistic videos

How could you turn your doctors, treatment coordinators & case study patients into realistic videos that teach, inform & entertain?

A sample photo of Messi turned into an animation that can talk and move.

The AI video engines Pika & HeyGen raised millions of dollars in the past week for video creation solutions. How can you start using AI video generation in your clinic or hospital today?

Pika launches AI text to video creation tools

List Of Current AI Text To Video Creation Tools For Clinics & Hospitals

28% of people report using AI at work, WITHOUT approval.

  • Salesforce says a whopping 64% of workers have pretended that work they created with generative AI work was their own.

  • 7 in 10 workers have never completed or received training on how to use generative AI safely and ethically

  • 79% of workers say they do not have any AI policy at work set by the leadership.

At our workshops, we help clinics and hospitals create Generative AI policies, AI impact assessments, roadmaps and responsible AI usage principles. If you haven't done these things in your clinic or hospital, it’s time to do so here:

With every advancement in AI, it’s becoming more and more apparent that there will be 3 types of private healthcare facilities in 2024:

  1. AI-driven

  2. AI-supported

  3. AI-forgotten

Saying you’re a “modern digital clinic” with a “strong digital presence” is no longer enough - as AI-supported clinics will replace you.

Who’s Hiring AI?

(if you’re hiring for an AI position in your healthcare facility - let us know)

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