🤔 Top 10 questions clinics & hospitals asked us about AI in 2023

and the biggest developments in AI for your clinic or hospital during 2023

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It’s almost the end of 2023, so I thought it apt to share with you an overview of AI and 10+ of the most common questions we got about AI from you:


but first, let’s have a look at…

2023! - What a year it's been for Clinics & Hospitals!

In 2022, most hadn’t ever considered using AI in their patient journey.
But 2023 was the year that clinics & hospitals bounced back fully from COVID-19, and teams everywhere started experimenting with AI.

Some broke through to new ways of reaching patients and a better patient journey experience; others tried AI and didn’t move forward.

This year saw some fascinating shifts in the healthcare landscape. As your guide in the field of AI, we thought it would be fitting to share some of the major trends from 2023 that have shaped clinics & hospitals:

  • Moving from digital to an AI strategy for the clinic/hospital
    After missing out on starting early with web and social media strategies, many clinics & hospitals worldwide have decided to step up from a digital strategy to an AI strategy to gain a competitive advantage before everyone does it.

  • The emergence of AI councils and policies
    Wanting to take a responsible approach to AI, clinics & hospitals rolled out their first AI councils and policies and started to build AI departments along with their marketing & patient management departments. Still, research from Salesforce shows that only 21% of companies have clear policies in place. Need help setting yours? Just let us know.

  • AI got a lot more personal with you.
    Earlier this year, AI companies launched ways to upload your own clinic or hospital data, including your best practices and treatment processes, to make your AI outputs far more accurate and on-message.

  • The E.U. and U.S. made progress on AI guidelines.
    With the Whitehouse Executive Order and agreement on the EU AI Act, public guidance and regulations on AI are starting to take shape. Be sure to click the links to read about how AI will affect your patients & your clinic or hospital soon.

Daniel & Alex spoke answered questions on AI at a recent medical tourism workshop

 🎓 Top Q&As on AI from Clinics & Hospitals in 2023:

Q: How can we go from having a few people using AI for marketing to having the whole clinic or hospital benefit from it?

A: This is done by communicating a simple action plan to the whole team with prioritised AI implementations and benefits for them.

Q: How do we teach AI to best help us in our clinic or hospital?

A: By giving it examples and data from your clinic or hospital to learn from and training it on your processes & best practices. Alternatively, you can apply the process and best practices of other leading clinics & hospitals to your AI.

Q: Should we worry about keeping patient info private when using AI?

A: It's important to ensure patient information stays private and safe. You can ask AI to anonymise all data before using it for interpretation.

Q: How will AI change how potential patients' find our clinic/hospital?

A: AI will be used by more and more people in 2024, mainly when they discuss treatment with AI and ask for suggestions on where it’s best to have treatment done.
Note: Remember that AI requests respond to good data rather than good copywriting, so ensure you have plenty of good facts about your clinic or hospital online accessible to AI systems.

Q: Do we need good data to make AI work well in our clinic or hospital?

A: Not necessarily. Having small amounts of lean, organised data is much better than using large amounts of messy data for AI to work best in your clinic or hospital.

Q: What are your top tips for clinics & hospitals starting to use AI?

A: Prioritize projects with a quick, measurable ROI and implement an AI usage policy as soon as possible.

Q: When we use AI a lot, how will it change jobs at our clinic?

A: It will make some jobs more manageable and change how some tasks are done, so training might be needed.

Q: Where does AI help the most in the patient journey?

A: AI helps a lot with prioritising the booking of suitable potential patients and improving personalised follow-up sequences that so many clinics & hospitals fail to do well.

Q: What are the good and bad sides of using AI in clinics?

A: AI can help get more done quickly, but be careful about patient privacy.

Q: How can clinics & hospitals that are careful about using AI still use your advice?

A: Start with small, safe AI projects and show how they help without taking significant risks.

Q: How do we ensure AI gives us correct information and doesn't say anything wrong?

A: Check the AI's answers and teach it to avoid mistakes and sensitive topics.

Q: Can you tell us more about using AI for more than just booking new patients?

A: Sure, AI can help understand your preferred patient and, create better support & content for them, and follow up with them post-treatment so that they recommend your clinic or hospital to others.

Q: What's the best way for a clinic to start using AI?

A: Attend our workshop in Vienna in February and create an action plan for your specific team »>

Hopefully, we’ve helped your clinic or hospital get a good headstart with AI in 2023 over your competitors.

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Clinics Hiring AI:

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AI Quick Tool Of The Day:

 Cyber Security Specialist

copy & paste into your chosen LLM ⬇️

“I want you to act as a cyber security specialist for «clinic or hospital name». I will provide some specific information about how our data is stored and shared, and it will be your job to develop strategies for protecting this data from malicious actors. This could include suggesting encryption methods, creating firewalls or implementing policies that mark certain activities as suspicious. My first request is, "I need help developing an effective cybersecurity strategy for my «clinic or hospital name»"

AI News Of The Day For Clinics:

🦠 Researchers identify a new class of antibiotic using AI

Using AI, researchers identify a new class of antibiotic candidates that can kill drug-resistant bacterium.

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