Using AI before your competitors use AI on you

10 lessons ways to step up from a digital strategy to an AI strategy before anyone else does.

Here are 10 lessons I learned over the past 3-6 months about stepping from a digital strategy to an AI strategy before anyone else.

1. Get convinced

Your team will resist, so your conviction must be stronger. AI cannot be an optional feature for the clinic/hospital. It must be the deciding factor between success and failure in your medical specialization and maintaining your competitive position against nearby clinics or hospitals.

Study AI's impact on your advantages, learn from your competitors and refer to regularly for real-life examples.

2. Make the outcome clear.

You may hear your colleagues say, “It feels like we’re doing AI just to do it.” No – tell them you’re moving from a digital strategy to an AI strategy before everyone else does. Get clear on your outcome, and then never shut up about it.

3. Choose 2-3 people to lead the way.

You can’t convert everyone at once. Pick 2-3 people with enthusiasm and influence, and ask them to lead the AI mission. Make it highly visible in your clinic or hospital when they make progress. Show other people that progress on AI results in securing their position at work.

4. Talk about their AI fear (and the AI failures).

Don't spread fear. Discuss your team's concerns about AI. Admit when it doesn't work well (which is frequently the case). However, don't allow people to indulge in cynicism. While being cynical may feel satisfying, it's often unproductive and lacks courage.

5. Appeal to people’s self-interest.

Don’t go on and on about how great AI will be for your clinic or hospital. Most people don’t care that much. Tell them it’s great for them (which it is). It’s easy to be in the top 10% of AI-supported clinics and hospital users now – it won’t be in 5 years. People who start using GPT today will have better opportunities by 2025.

6. Share your use cases early and often.

Don’t wait until you have a huge AI win to celebrate. If you develop an email template with AI, that’s a win. If you use AI to plan your next meeting, that’s a win. Share your use cases as you come across them – it will benefit your team and keep AI at the top of their minds in their work.

7. Cover AI at every monthly and quarterly meeting as a KPI.

You need to ensure that everyone knows they must progress on this.

8. Make your leadership team use AI first.

You expect the team to move quickly in AI if the leadership team isn’t using it. Make it an expectation of your leaders at the clinic or hospital.

9. Say thank you / great job to anyone who tries to use AI in the clinic or hospital in their work.

Recognise and appreciate the efforts of individuals who embrace and utilise AI in their work. Show gratitude and acknowledge their contributions to encourage further adoption of AI within your clinic or hospital.

10. Invest in our AI implementation workshop.

This one’s easy – see where AI can be implemented in your clinic and hospital and build a presentation to share. Your team needs to use it to understand it. It’s the most important €2000 you’ll spend on your company in the next 10 years.

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